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Creating great surfaces


Tarmac Driveways

Most people underestimate the tremendous aesthetic qualities of tarmac and why it’s an excellent choice for them. 

Here at C.W. Stanley, we excel in the provision of top-quality tarmac surfaces. Whether you’re looking to have your existing driveway or refurbished or a new one built from scratch, we’re here to help. Tarmac is an incredibly strong and durable material and will last for many years to come when installed by a team of professionals. It’ll also retain its aesthetics with very little maintenance required on your part. 

Many people can be embarrassed by the look of the outside of their home, worrying about what other people may think as they approach the driveway. No longer will you have to worry about this. By adding tarmac driveways, you can increase the value of your beloved home while giving an impressive, highquality feel. 

We have spent years accruing experience in how to lay tarmac driveways. Now not only are our team fully qualified, but we are also experienced. We assure you of the best outcome as well as a new tarmac driveway which is incredibly durable, built to last for many years to come. You’ll never have to consider re-doing your drive again. 

Benefits of Tarmac Surfaces 

When considering having a new surface installed, it’s important to bear in mind the benefits that are on offer. Tarmac is certainly not sure of benefits, and these include: 

  • Hard-Wearing 
  • Environmentally Friendly 
  • Cost-Effective 
  • Added Kerb Appeal 
  • Anti-Skid Properties 
  • Easy to Repair 

Tarmac driveways really can take anything you throw at them. They can support a lot of weight (far more than your average domestic vehicle) and can resist elemental extremes such as freezing and hot temperatures, rainfall, snow, and ice. Tarmac is environmentally friendly as the material can be dug up and recycled time and time again. It also doesn’t run-off into water systems as other materials do. 

While not the cheapest material available, tarmac is the most cost-effective relative to its strength, durability, and other benefits it offers. And it’ll greatly increase the kerb appeal of your property, boosting its market value. This is a nice thing to accomplish regardless but is especially useful when it comes time to sell up and move. 

Tarmac surfaces usually sport a smooth surface which, oddly enough, endows these surfaces with anti-skid properties. This is a comfort for homeowners knowing your car won’t suddenly slip forward and hit your fence, garage door, or another vehicle. And if the surface ever becomes damaged, it’s very easy to dig up and resurface sections rather than the whole surface. 

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What Else is There to Know About Tarmac? 

The word ‘tarmac’ is widely used when describing a new blacktop surface. Strictly speaking, however, other blacktop materials may be better suited for particular situation depending on the usage of the surface in question. 

One particular option that we recommend is stone mastic asphalt. This is an advanced, cohesive, and tough surface designed to retain its structure and aesthetics for longer. It requires the minimum amount of maintenance and offers maximum allyear-round performance. 

Unlike traditional asphalt and macadams that are now being tested to the limits as the number of vehicles with power steering increases, stone mastic asphalt is very durable and resists surface fretting. Indeed, so confident are we of stone mastic asphalt’s durability, it is available with a built-in five-year warranty. 

So, if you’re now decided that tarmac driveways are the right choice for you, the next step is to book a member of our team to visit your property. 

Our Service 

Pick up the phone to be put through to a member of the C.W. Stanley team. We’ll take down your details, including information concerning your request. Then, if you’d like to proceed beyond the enquiry stage, we’ll arrange a time and date for a member of our team to visit you. They’ll discuss your requirements with you, provide you with honest and impartial advice, and take down information concerning your preferences. You’ll then be presented with a FREE, no-obligation quote. 

If you’re happy to proceed, the next step is to carry out a site survey which will involve us taking measurements. Once we have all the information we need, we’ll schedule a date and time to carry out the work. If an existing surface is present, this will be dug up, and any materials that can’t be used will be discarded. Any groundworks will also be carried out, preparing a base stable enough to support your new driveway. 

The final step will be to lay the new surface, ensuring that it is levelled off correctly. Usually, the driveway will be sloped slightly, ensuring run-off, keeping the driveway puddle-free. Our team will then conduct one final inspection, ensuring that everything looks in order. Once we’re done, you may have to wait a short while before you can use the surface, but we’ll advise you if this is the case. 

If any issues should occur with your driveway, just let us know, and we’ll arrange a time to pop round to put things right. 

After reading all of the above, if you’re now settled on investing in a brand-new tarmac drive, call C.W. Stanley today on 01202 602 116 to receive your FREE quotation.