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Are you looking to transform your home with a brand-new resin bound driveway? Or maybe you’re looking to invest in resin surfacing to give your customers a place to park. Whatever your needs, you’ve come to the right place. When it comes to driveways, CW Stanley simply cannot be beaten on price or quality. Founded in 1956, we’re backed by an impressive history. 

Every job is personally overseen by Colin or one of his sons, so exceptional results are assured. We’ve handled countless resin bound surfacing requests, so if you’d like us to help you with yours, call our Dorset team on 01202 602116

Stunning Resin Driveway Dorset Residents Can Trust

There’s a lot to be said about resin bound driveways, starting with the aesthetics – nothing else comes close to the breath-taking diversity of resin. Our Dorset resin comprises an almost endless selection of aggregates with the option to mix and match. We can achieve a colour that’s unique and that sets it apart from your neighbours’ driveways. Plus, resin bound surfacing requires very little maintenance to keep it looking spectacular. 

We can even install resin paving to complement your new driveway – if this has you reaching for the phone, call CW Stanley to get started. 

Advantages of Resin Driveways

When it comes to colour stability, permeability, slip-resistance, weed-resistance, frost-resistance, and its seamless design, no other surfacing option compares with resin bound. 

And that’s not all! Resin driveways and paving boast countless more benefits, including: 

  • UV-Resistance 
  • SUDs Compliance 
  • Strength and Durability 
  • Low Maintenance 
  • Virtually Unlimited Design Options 
  • Smooth, Flat, and Hard-Wearing 
  • Eco-Friendly 

You can learn more about these benefits below but suffice it to say, if you’re searching for quality driveways, you simply cannot go wrong with a resin bound surface. 

Every job is personally overseen by Colin or one of his sons, so exceptional results are assured. We’ve handled countless resin bound surfacing requests, so if you’d like us to help you with yours, call our Dorset team on 01202 602116


Resin possesses superior qualities that set it apart from materials like tarmac and concrete. For one, it’s compliant with Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems. By mixing the aggregates with the resin, small voids are created in the mixture. Once cured, the surface boasts second-to-none permeability, so there’s no chance of puddles forming. 

Water that drains through is filtered through the aggregates, removing oils and dirt. This water then seeps into the ground, where it helps to negate the ‘heat island’ effect that afflicts other surfaces. Groundwater is replenished, helping nearby plant life to flourish. 

The smooth surface offers outstanding slip-resistance, and the strength of resin lets it support up to 30-tonnes in weight. So, it can be used for driveways that support multiple vehicles. 

Total Flexibility in Design

The beauty of resin bound surfaces is the sheer flexibility in design that’s possible. Resin can be applied to existing surfaces, or we can create an entirely new surface from scratch. You will also have complete freedom in the aggregates you choose. We can mix and match the aggregates to create unique colour combinations to really make your resin driveway stand out.  

Whatever look you’re hoping to achieve, the only limitation is your imagination.

Other Materials for Driveways

In addition to resin, we at CW Stanley can construct driveways from a whole host of other materials, including: 

While resin driveways are by far one of the most attractive options available, there’s much to be said about tarmac, concrete, and block paving. We’ve discussed these options in further detail below, so if you’re considering either of these, read on, then get in touch with our Dorset team. 

Block Paving

Block paving boasts almost as many customisable colour options as resin. It differs from resin in that it’s comprised of individual blocks rather than a uniform surface. Blocks of different shapes and sizes are carefully arranged, usually to form a pattern or colour scheme. The beauty of this approach is that if any damage occurs, the damaged bricks can be easily replaced. 

As long as block paving is correctly sealed, its strength and durability are easily on par with resin driveways. At CW Stanley, we can offer you all the benefits of block paving, from a wide range of styles and a variety of patterns to a 10–20-year guarantee on all installations. 


Unlike resin, tarmac provides a completely different set of benefits, and it comes at a lower cost. However, it’s looked down upon when it comes to aesthetics because residents are unaware of why it can be the ideal choice for their driveway.   

Never forget that you enhance the value of your property when you fix your driveway, and tarmac is a viable choice for many people in Dorset. It can offer an impressive, high-quality feel only when a professional company installs it. Our team is fully qualified to install it in a way that maintains its durability. We assure you that our tarmac driveways have the best qualities and material there is. Even better, it doesn’t require much maintenance from you. 

More Than Just Driveway Surfacing

In addition to installing quality resin, block paving, and tarmac driveways and paving throughout Dorset, we can also provide other services, such as car park surfacing and patio surfacing.  


Car parks provide a place for customers to park while they shop, so they don’t have to lug heavy bags far. Not only is it beneficial to have a car park installed, but it’s also cost-effective to maintain it too. That’s because you could be held liable for any injury or vehicle damage resulting from a surface that’s in poor condition. 

Besides being the number one choice for resin driveways, we also construct and maintain car parks. 


Patios are a great place to spend time with friends and family or relax on a warm summer day. As well as driveways, we excel in the construction of resin and block paving patios. To learn more, browse our website or give us a call today. 

Why Choose Us for your Resin Driveway Dorset Resident

We offer only high-quality craftsmanship and materials, and we have multiple quality awards for our installations across our established history. We have a reputation that precedes us here in Dorset. Proudly, we have been appointed to the Marshalls Register of Approved Landscape Contractors and Driveway Installers since 2000. Working with a reputable company brings you many perks.  

For instance, we can provide Marshalls parts and labour guarantees for up to 20 years. We can provide you with a five-year installation guarantee and a ten-year product guarantee, thanks to being appointed to the Brett Approved Installer scheme.   

Also, in order to witness our work first-hand, please go to the services page or gallery to see the rich set of images that we have amassed over the years. They can be of great inspiration for you as you think about the ideal driveway for your property. 


Before you choose to get in touch, click on our gallery to view high-definition images of our resin driveways and our team in action.


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It should be obvious by now that if you require a new resin driveway, you should look no further than CW Stanley – we build the finest Dorset resin driveways around. And if you fancy something a little different but just as colourful, we can also recommend block paving surfacing. 

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