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Creating great surfaces


Car Parks Bournemouth

Does your business premises have a car park? Is it turned and worn and in need of revival? Well, look no further than CW Stanley! We are a team of surfacing experts that specialise in an array of surfaces, including car parks. Bournemouth-based businesses can rely on our professionals to complete your installation or repairs to a high standard. Call 01202 602116 for a free quote. 

Flawless Bournemouth Car Park Surfacing Services 

Most businesses have a car park to either accommodate their staff or welcome in customers. Here at CW Stanley, we can make sure that your car park in Bournemouth is in strong working order. As part of our commercial services, we can install a brand new car park or repair any damage on your current surface. 

For businesses to make a good first impression, they need to tick many boxes. You may not think that your premises are particularly important when it comes to attracting clients, but you would be wrong. Car parks, Bournemouth customers, could help a potential client sway in your favour if you have a smooth and aesthetically pleasing surface. 

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Think about it, the first thing that a customer or prospective client will see is the exterior of your building. If your Bournemouth car park surfacing is cracked or full of potholes, the visitor may question the quality of your actual business. By turning to our team, we can help you make a great first impression as soon as they arrive on your site. 

As well as being great to look at, your car park in Bournemouth needs to be safe for drivers and pedestrians. Our professionals can guarantee a smooth finish to eliminate cracks and potholes. If the surface is uneven or unstable, it could lead to injury or vehicle damage. Our team can work with private commercial businesses or the local council. 

What Surface Material is Best? 

The great thing about enlisting the help of CW Stanley is that you can select from an array of different surface materials. For durability and a sleek and classic appearance, tarmac is a great option for your car parks, Bournemouth customers. Many commercial premises use tarmac as standard, and it certainly works well for large areas such as supermarket car parks. 

Block paving is also a possibility as you can select from an array of colours and styles. Our team can mix block shapes to form a pattern and include edging, which will add to the appeal. This form of Bournemouth car park surfacing will certainly catch the eye of those visiting your premises. 

If you want your car park in Bournemouth to look stunning and also stand the test of time, consider resin surfacing. There are many benefits to choosing this material, including the following: 

  • Porous 
  • Durable 
  • Anti-Slip 
  • UV Protection 
  • Available in aggregates of all colours 
  • Low Maintenance and More! 

Why Choose Us to Install Your New Car Parks, Bournemouth Customers? 

When you enlist the services of our team here at CW Stanley, you will instantly notice the family feel. The company has been in the same family for three generations since it was established in 1956. Whenever we take on a project, whether it be residential driveways or car parks, Bournemouth customers can expect Colin or his sons to supervise. 

We want to make sure that our customers get exactly what theyre after, and we are known for our meticulous attention to detail. If you are considering us as installers of new car parks, Bournemouth customers should have a read through our testimonials page. Here, you will get first-hand opinions from many of our satisfied clientele. 

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To request a free no-obligation quote for our services or to learn more about how we can install stunning car parks, Bournemouth customers should call 01202 602116. Alternatively, send an email to or fill in our online form.