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Block Paving Driveway Dorset

Welcome to CW Stanley! We are your next go-to driveway block paving specialists here in Dorset. Our company has been in the Dorset block paving business since the year 1956, and we have found that a block paved driveway is the best paving job you can offer for your driveway. 

We are a family-run block paving business here in Dorset offering the best block paving services for your driveways. Our team of Dorset block paving professionals have acquired over 60 years in the business of block paving driveways. Block paving driveways is what we do here at CW Stanley, and we bring the best block form of paving driveways to the heart of Dorset. 

Our team of block paving experts have acquired a reputation for reliability, service, and quality in delivering the best block form paving service to your very own driveways. Our driveway block paving services will ensure that every minor detail of your driveways is catered to here in Dorset. 

Our Block Paving Driveway Dorset Service

Our driveway block paving services have become some of the most popular services we offer for your driveways here at CW Stanley. Our Dorset block form of paving service has gained a lot of popularity when it comes to the materials being used in paving your driveways. 

The process of block paving your driveways has never been easier with our expert Dorset driveway block paving services. Our driveway paving experts will give you a wide range of blocks to pick and choose from for the next project for your driveways. Our Dorset paving agents will assist you in choosing the best blocks that would best suit your vision for your driveways. 

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Benefits of Block Paving Over Other Surfaces 

Some of the paving perks you can benefit from when you choose block paving for your driveways include the wide range of style options blocks have, the variety of paving patterns, a 10-20 year guarantee that we supply your driveways with, the amazing paving finish and aesthetics of a block paved driveway, not to mention the great cost-effective nature block form paving provides. 

More Than Just Block Paving Driveways

Here at CW Stanley, we use only the highest quality driveway paving blocks in order to deliver the best possible results for your driveways. Driveway paving blocks offer you a very attractive looking finish that would really boost the aesthetics of your driveways. 

What makes a block form of paving great is the time and effort invested in the process of laying it out. Driveways thrive best when they are taken care of, and blocks are no different. Our team at CW Stanley will give you all the assistance you need while picking out the next complexion for your driveways. 

Tarmac Driveways 

Some of the benefits of tarmac laid driveways would include that they are environmentally friendly, hard-wearing, cost-effective, and are easy to repair. These driveways also have an added kerb appeal in addition to anti-skid properties you can benefit from. They can endure pretty much anything you throw at them. Resilience is definitely one of tarmac driveways’ strong suits. 

Resin Surfacing

Resin is a type of paving that has been rising in popularity and for good reasons. However, not many people are aware of what it is really about. There are two types of resin that are offered on the market; bound and bonded. Our team of paving experts here at CW Stanley can offer you both. 

Resin surfaces are comprised of a mixture of resin and an aggregate that are installed together. This mixture is then poured over an area of your choice and trowelled smooth to set. Resin surfaces are fully permeable to water, whereby water can drain directly through it and not collect in puddles.  

Why Choose Our Block Paving Driveway Dorset Service? 

CW Stanley has been a Dorset trusted member of the Marshalls Register of Approved Landscape Contractors and Driveway Installers since the year 2000. Our team can provide you with a Marshalls 20-year, Parts & Labour Guarantee, which provides you with the assurance and peace of mind that only a manufacturer’s guarantee can provide. 

To add to that, CW Stanley is also a recently appointed member of the Brett Approved Installers scheme who are accredited hard landscaping installers of the British Standard. This fact allows us to offer you a 10-year product guarantee and a 5-year installation guarantee on all our block form paving products. 

Our stellar block form paving standards have won us multiple awards for installations we have done over the years, where one of the driveways we have installed has even been featured in a national product catalogue. 

Before you decide on what Dorset block form paving business, you should be working with. It is crucial that you assess the standards and the reputation of this business. As a company that is a member of the Buy with Confidence scheme, CW Stanley would be an ideal candidate for you to trust with your driveways. 

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If you have been looking to upgrade or pamper your driveways with some block form paving here in Dorset, then you have done the right thing by seeking our driveway block paving services out. Our family business has managed to acquire only the best driveway block paving experts in the driveway Dorset block paving business, and we cannot wait to help you get started on the next project for your driveways. 

You can now request a non-obligation Dorset driveway block paving price quotation for the next project you have planned for your driveways. Our team of driveway block paving customer service agents here in Dorset are more than ready to assist you with all the inquiries you might have about your new driveways. 

Get in contact with our Dorset driveway block paving specialists and get the wheels rolling on the next project you envision for your driveways. Call us now at 01202 602116 or email us at for any inquiries you might have about our Dorset driveway block paving services or to set up an appointment for your next driveway site visit. 

Get in contact with our Dorset driveway block paving specialists and get the wheels rolling on the next project you envision for your driveways. Call us now on 01202 602116 or email us at for any inquiries you might have about our Dorset driveway block paving services, or to set up an appointment for your next driveway site visit.